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FaciliCare is a great supporter of our men and women in uniform. Our Fallen Herofine soldiers accomplish heroic tasks each and every day to provide the comfort in which we and many around the world seem to take for granted. On this page are links directed to different military agencies that provide you with information about our military and the avenue to support our active troops, veterans and our fallen heroes.

Click Here To visit the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center.

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The New York National Guard

The 174th Fighter Wing Air National Guard unit is located at Hancock Field in Syracuse, New York. Originated on October 28th, 1947 174th Patchthis local squadron has been on the forefront of war time theatre, including the recent eight trips to southwestern Asia starting with its first trip to Iraq for Operation Desert Storm in 1991 to the latest deployment in 2008. Chief CarleyFaciliCare President Ric Carley is a Chief Master Sergeant in the New York Air National Guard and has been a proud member of the 174th for many years. For more information about the 174th Fighter Wing and how you can support them, please refer to the links provided below.

Click Here To visit the official website for The 174th Fighter Wing.

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174th Fighter Wing